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How To Answer Questions About Your Salary Expectation Based On Your Experience

17 Feb 2023

Getting tricky questions from recruiters is not something unexpected for the job seekers. And, one of those questions is about salary. This important question is very important for both the companies and t...

Headhunter vs Recruiter: Look Similar, But They Are Actually Not!

04 Jan 2023

Time flies and it is about the year end of 2022. Have you ticked all your resolutions this year, especially your career resolutions? You must have through both great and unfortunate stories — and with...

Is Competition Good For Your Working Environment?

04 Oct 2022

Scientists have been speculating that rivalry can boost motivation. It pushes both parties to perform at their best. For that, many companies deliberately pit colleagues against each other by ranking their perf...

This Is 1 of The Most Useful Skill You Need In Your Workspace!

26 Sep 2022

People often explain adaptability as a skill of surviving a change when it hits you. In fact, it is not adaptability. It is resilience. Instead, adaptability means you actively prepare for change, even advoc...

5 Steps Facing Company’s Layoff

21 Sep 2022

We are really disheartened to once again see lots of posts about the layoff, especially our fellow friends affected by Shopee’s layoff. Many people are facing uncertainty over again. We know that it&rsquo...

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Be Afraid To Ask Questions in Work

07 Sep 2022

Some of us may feel afraid to ask questions at work because we feel nervous, embarrassed, or feel uncomfortable expressing ourselves. Remember that there's no question is silly! Your leader and teammates ar...

How to Cancel a Job Interview Politely (From Jobseeker Point of View)

01 Aug 2022

In some cases, during the hiring process, the interview may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Maybe your child or other family got sick, you suddenly have a conflicting job appointment in your curren...

What Does "Success" Mean To You?

04 Jul 2022

If you are not creating your own definition of success, you may be following others' definitions. Probably it is the definition of success for your parents, or your leader, or the definition of society abou...

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