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How to Cancel a Job Interview Politely (From Jobseeker Point of View)

01 Aug 2022

In some cases, during the hiring process, the interview may be canceled due to unforeseen circumstances. Maybe your child or other family got sick, you suddenly have a conflicting job appointment in your curren...

What Does "Success" Mean To You?

04 Jul 2022

If you are not creating your own definition of success, you may be following others' definitions. Probably it is the definition of success for your parents, or your leader, or the definition of society abou...

How to Handle a Counter-Offer?

12 Jun 2022

You managed to land a new job-polish your resume, do well in an interview, get a job for a great new role, and tell your leader that you will leave the company. After submitting your resignation, then your empl...

What Are Employers Looking For?

01 Jun 2022

Are you looking for fresh graduate positiion? or are you planning to enter the world of work? Knowing well your skills can definitely help you to focus on which you that might suitable and good you. We must kno...

Job Interview Questions, Answers, and Tips to Prepare

31 May 2022

Do you have a job interview coming up? Are you prepared? The best way to get ready for an interview is to take the time to review the most common interview questions you will most likely be asked, along with ex...

How to Negotiate Your Starting Salary

01 May 2022

Whether you are in the process of interviewing for a job position or have just received a job offer, understanding the methods to negotiate a starting salary can help you establish your financial needs while re...

5 Hacks to Stay Productive at Work While Ramadan Fasting

04 Apr 2022

During the holy month of Ramadan, fasting causes decreased energy and difficulty focusing and working productively. One of the biggest problems we face is a lack of productivity, especially if our work is stres...

CV Do's and Don'ts

17 Mar 2022

Your CV is your first chance to impress recruiters. A high-quality resume will greatly increase your chances of getting an interview. However, make sure your CV is qualified and professional before applying jo...

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