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BOSSHIRE Outsourcing is the end-to-end service to fulfill your HR needs. We do the recruitment, contracts, payroll, insurance, and taxes which comply with the local policies. BOSSHIRE™️ will be your HR partner to plan the talent pipeline, costing & budget, and timeline so you as the client can focus on your core business.

What services does our HRO offer?

BOSSHIRE has dedicated service teams that deliver day-to-day support in the following areas:

  1. Payroll and tax administration
  2. Employee training and development
  3. Policy creation and workplace safety
  4. Recruitment and onboarding
  5. Benefits administration
  6. Compliance and risk management

Why should a business consider our HRO?

Businesses that outsource HR may experience a return on investment (ROI) in six key areas:


With full-service payroll, employers can take advantage of the best people, processes, and technology without having to invest in a bigger in-house team.


BOSSHIRE manage multiple HR systems from a centralized platform, which means data is more accurate and easier to access.


Aided by BOSSHIRE, employers may be able to offer their employees better benefits, thereby improving engagement and attracting new talent.


BOSSHIRE know the regulatory landscape and can help manage liabilities, such as workplace safety, changes in tax laws, leaves of absence and employee relations issues.


Leaving payroll and HR to BOSSHIRE gives employers the opportunity to focus more of their time on bigger picture initiatives that move their business forward.

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